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Lacegem Ltd

Interdata Developments is a trade name of Lacegem Ltd, a company which specialises in the development of bespoke software solutions.

Founded by Mike Leigh, Lacegem Ltd have developed software for the private health care industry, property management, a dental supplies company, a linen hire company, and an in-store marketing / promotions company.

We have extensive expertise in Paradox, Delphi, Sybase Adaptive Server (formerly Sybase SQL Anywhere) and the SQL database programming language and are able to quickly develop robust efficient solutions to your business needs.

For further information please email mike at

Mike Leigh

Breva Software

If you own a Psion Series 5, Series 7 or Revo and are interested in the game of Bridge please visit our sister company Breva Software and take a look at P-Plus Bridge.


P-Plus Bridge


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