Beyond Zork: The Coconut of Quendor

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Dark times have fallen upon the South lands of Quendor. All the enchanters have disappeared without a trace. Monsters roam the countryside. And the taverns are filled with disturbing rumours and un-savoury characters. A simple peasant like yourself knows better than to get involved in the affairs of wizards. But everyone you meet seems intent on testing your abilities to the utmost. You find yourself drawn into a web of fantasy and magic, solving puzzles, avoiding traps and fighting monsters. Your strength and power grow with every encounter, until the most fabulous treasure of all - the fabled Coconut of Quendor - lies within your grasp.


Title Beyond Zork: The Coconut of Quendor
Author "Professor" Brian Moriarty
Difficulty Advanced
Product Code IZ8

Game Statistics

Rooms 128
Words 1569
Objects 77
Opcodes 32778

Packaging Details

Beyond Zork came in the newer standard box (much the same as the standard "book-like" box but with a slipcase containing a cardboard tray which contained all the package elements). It contained a Technical Manual, "The Lore and Legends of Quendor", and a map of "Southland of Quendor".

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