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In Cutthroats, you are a skilled diver living on Hardscrabble Island, a small seaport past its prime. You will try to salvage a sunken treasure from one of four shipwrecks; if you are successful, you will be fabulously wealthy and enormously respected among old salts. Some characters in the story will help you; others will try to stop you any way they can. If you can think logically and keep your throat intact, the treasure can be yours.


Title Cutthroats
Authors Michael Berlyn and Jerry Wolper
Difficulty Standard
Product Code IA3

Game Statistics

Rooms 68
Words 790
Objects 21
Opcodes 12600

Packaging Details

Cutthroats used the standard box format which consisted of a grey box with coloured horizontal stripes. It contained "True Tales of Adventure", "Four Shipwrecks off Hardscrabble Island" booklet, and Outfitters Int'l Price List (with tide table).

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