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A wealthy industrialist, Mr. Marshall Robner, locked himself in the upstairs library of his New England colonial estate one night and committed suicide by taking a lethal overdose of anti-depressants. Or did he?

You are the Chief of Detectives. You've been asked by Robner's attorney to make a thorough investigation of the case, simply to "quash the suspicions which are inevitable" when a moneyed man dies a sudden and unnatural death. The Medical Examiner found nothing unusual, and interviews with family members and family associates are consistent with the idea that Robner committed suicide. Everything fits neatly -- maybe too neatly. You smell foul play, and you have 12 hours to crack the case. If you arrest someone, you'd better have the three traditional ingredients to an ironclad case for the prosecution: the accused must have had a motive, a method, and ample opportunity to commit the crime. There are many possible endings to this case, and the one you reach is determined by your actions and by the deductions you draw from the evidence you gather. But one ending fits the facts better than any other, and you will know it when you reach it.


Title Deadline
Working Title Was It Murder?
Author Marc Blank
Difficulty Expert
Product Code IM1

Game Statistics

Rooms 51
Words 656
Objects 37
Opcodes 6977

Packaging Details

The old "Folio" packaging of Deadline consisted of a police folder in a pouch containing an Inspector's Casebook, a plastic bag with 3 white pills, interview notes (5 pages), Corpus Delicti (coroner's note), a letter from Coates to Chief of Police, a Police Department official memo, a lab report, and a photo of the murder scene.

The re-release of Deadline used the standard box format which consisted of a grey box with coloured horizontal stripes. It contained documentary evidence, file #H657/SJ43.1, a plastic bag with 3 white pills, Corpus Delicti (coroner's note), a letter from Coates to Chief of Police, and a photo of the murder scene.

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