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Robin Sherred Staffordshire, UK 11 Nov 2003
Thank you for the quick delivery of the above game (Pentari First Light). I'm most impressed.

Thanks again, Robin Sherred.
Marilyn Dorant London, UK 6 Dec 2002
Thank you for your follow-up e-mail. Masterpieces arrived within a couple of days and I have been euphoric ever since! I loved Infocom's text adventures back in the 80s and Masterpieces has given me the opportunity to replay my favourites as well as other titles that I didn't know existed!

I was thinking of buying a second copy for a friend, but sadly I see that Masterpieces is now out of stock. It seems I got my copy just in time!

Thank you for an excellent service and for making these gems available.

Florence Lee Smith Madera, CA, USA 5 Dec 2002
I am so impressed with the way you do business! Got my order in no time and have been very busy enjoying my games.

Thanks so much
Rachel USA 29 Oct 2002
I'm writing to let you know that I've received the Masterpieces of Infocom CD and Extras disk--I loaded the CD earlier tonight and it's *wonderful*! The notice that the package had arrived at the post office came last Thursday but today was the first day I could go to pick it up.

After I'd placed my order with you I went back to your website and saw that the rest of the Masterpieces CDs had sold out. I'm guessing that means I was one of the last people to get one. Because of the many happy hours I spent playing "Enchanter" as a child, I'm thrilled to have mine; thanks again so much for setting it aside for me. 

With gratitude and best wishes
.Simon Read London, UK 10 Oct 2002
Thanks very much for the prompt response - you've saved me from e-bay hell...
Jeffrey J Kaufman New York, USA 23 Sep 2002
Got it in just a few days... thanks for the great service.
Lisa Germain-Lacroix Burlington, Ontario, Canada  17 Sep 2002
Hi, Mike!

I just got it, literally about fifteen minutes ago. The notice had gone to my landlady, who set it aside until she could pick the packet up at the post office. If they can't make a delivery, they take the post back and you wait until the next day when it's back in the office to go and claim it.

Thank you very much for all your help! I am simply delighted. You don't sell the old Legend games, do you? I appear to be insatiable, don't I?

What a wonderful day this is turning out to be. Yesterday was nasty, but today has all kinds of niceness to it, and the foremost is the receipt of the Infocom games. I'm very grateful.


Barbara Needham Hanford, CA, USA 13 Sep 2002
I am so excited with this CD and being able to play REAL text adventure games. I never thought I'd find an original CD in the box. When it came I looked at the shrink wrap and said, you know, I really should save this because it might be worth more some day. Then reality overcame me and I ripped it open and started playing Zork Zero.

John Kwak London, UK 13 Sep 2002
Talk about a trip down memory lane. It takes me back to my Atari 800 days when I paid £30 for Planetfall alone.....

Good points:
Prompt delivery, Tips, hints and manuals included, works perfectly on my Sony CLIE PDA.

Bad points:
I have missed my train stop more than once whilst concentrating on a problem!

Excellent stuff!!
Bjørn Øistein Borlaug Oslo, Norway 26 Aug 2002
Dear Mr Leigh,

I was very pleased with my order. Service and communication was excellent as was the games themselves. It has been a pleasure to do business with you and I hope to do so again.
Henning Imsieke Darmstadt, Germany 18 Aug 2002
Ordering was simple and delivery fast! So now I can commit all my blood pressure reserve to solving 'bureaucracy'. All the games I tried seem to work flawlessly even on Windows 2000 & XP
Herbert C. Edwards College Place, WA, USA 14 Aug 2002
Thank you Interdata! 

I was very pleased to receive Masterpieces from you. Your service was prompt, the packaging was excellent and the software is fantastic!
Frank Grasso West Palm Beach, FL, USA 7 Aug 2002
Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. I placed the order on a Sunday and received it by Friday...and I live across the Atlantic! The games are fantastic and challenging to solve. Thanks again.
Patty Freitas Casto Valley, CA, USA 3 Aug 2002
Dear Gentle Person:

My son is blind and developmentally delayed. He is able to play and enjoy the Infocom games on our computer, because we have a program that speaks the words to him on DOS. Therefore these games are perfect. However, we were never able to purchase a disc of the games. He was using a borrowed download of a friend. 

This means the world to him that he will have his own disc. I am so grateful. We have looked for these games for years. Thanks so much, we look forward to our delivery. We ordered today. These games help him with spelling, and he already has great logic skills. 

The other advantage will be to have access to the manuals. I often read his friends copy of the manuals to him when he is 'stuck'. 

Have a magical day, I know we will when the disc arrives.
Stephen VanBrussel Livonia, MI, USA 1 Aug 2002
Thanks so much for the quick delivery. I started playing some old favourites the day it arrived and haven't stopped yet!
Bettye Rolle New York, USA 3 Jul 2002
Thanks for the follow up! My 2nd order arrived just as promptly as the 1st. Both my brother Warren and I are overjoyed with Masterpieces. Well, got to go, Nord & Bert await!
Danni Showers Cue, Western Australia 19 Jun 2002
 Thank you very much. I didn't think I would get my copy of Masterpieces so quickly, me being in Australia. I hadn't been able to find anyone else who sold it. Thanks again. Danni
Sim Wee Yong Singapore 13 Jun 2002
Thank you for your kind note of concern Mr. Leigh.

Masterpieces arrived promptly, as promised. I was quite pleased at the inclusion of the complementary Winfrotz, as it meant I could play these games natively in Windows.

It would be even more wonderful if there was a way to distribute the games with paper documentation, but since I'm using Winfrotz to run them, I can safely toggle between the manuals and the games without fear of crashing the system.

So, in brief, thanks for helping make these old Infocom gems available to us all.
David Thomas Reno, NV, USA 9 Jun 2002
Thanks so much for your patience. rec'd "masterpieces"- just as stated in ads. Thanks again!!!
Bettye Rolle New York, USA 6 Jun 2002
Thank you for the follow up & for my quick delivery! I am so pleased to be able to once again play the Infocom text adventures I loved. In fact, I am placing another order for my brother! I know he will be just as excited as I was!
Jon Walker Beeston, Nottingham, UK 10 May 2002
Thanks for a great service Mike, goods received as promised on time and agreat product to boot.
John McKenzie Santa Barbara, CA, USA 2 May 2002
I have been searching for these retired Infocom games for years. Every time I had thought I had found someone with them, it turned out that they had either ran out of stock, or the company was no longer in business. When I stumbled upon your company, and yet again filled out another order form, I wasn't very enthusiastic. However 5 days later, the package arrived on my doorstep after going half way around the world. I would just like to extend my deepest thanks to you and your company for providing us old-time gamers the opportunity to play our favourites again.
Jonathan R Manning Florida, USA 30 Apr 2002
Hi Mike,

Pleasure doing business with you! The service was fast, and I liked communicating with a human rather than a computer. Many thanks, I was pleased to be able to obtain such an increasingly rare piece of software so easily
Klemens Dickbauer Vienna, Austria 17 Apr 2002
G\'Day, Mike!

The package arrived very quickly and I immediately started up zoom on my linux box (looks great there :). After playing a few hours I felt the strong urge to jumpstart an open source project for a mail delivery system... maybe you can guess the game! (-;

Thank you for keeping the Masterpieces of the best of all computer game genres.

Have a nice day
Larry Snyder Springboro, Ohio, USA 10 Apr 2002
Mike, thanks for keeping this important piece of history alive! (mine showed up on Saturday 3/30, and I was lucky enough to be here to sign for it :-)
Johan Herrenberg Delft, The Netherlands 8 Apr 2002
Hi there!

I am Johan Herrenberg, from Delft, the Netherlands. I ordered the Masterpieces CD through a credit-card-owning friend of mine, Michiel Schuijer. It arrived with exemplary speed at his address in The Hague, where I fetched it on a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I am extremely glad owning it, because of a recently-awakened passion for Interactive Fiction. This was the only way for me of getting hold of some classic games of the genre. Thanks for selling this CD and being bona fide at the same time!
Joyce Horvath Glorieta, New Mexico, USA 28 Mar 2002
The games arrived in record time. Your email was quick and very friendly. Thanks VERY much for having these games still available. It is so nice to have games that require THOUGHT instead of just quick reflexes. 

My friends and I spent a lovely day working through one of the games - collaborating rather than competing! I only wish there were more being published like these.
Michael McGeachin Bangor, Wales, UK 22 Feb 2002
When I first saw your website, I was really quite surprised at the price of the Masterpieces CD-ROM. It seemed fantastically cheap given the sheer quantity of games within, and so I simply had to buy it.

I'm very glad I did! After a very short interval (only a day or so after ordering) I received the package, and installed it onto my PC. It was fantastic! Games that I hadn't played for nearly ten years suddenly burst into monochromatic life on the screen before me.

Thank you so much for selling the Masterpieces package. It's a small price to pay for hours (Days? Weeks? Months?) of nostalgia and straightforward, old-fashioned gaming pleasure.
Jen Patete Chicago, IL, USA 14 Feb 2002
The game arrived in plenty of time for my husband to give it to me for Valentine's Day! What a lucky wife I am! What a lucky husband he is for me to do my own shopping! Thanks!!!
Re: Enchanter Trilogy Posted on: 14 Feb 2002
> Is there a copy of any one of these games anywhere?

Yes. sells Masterpieces of Infocom, which contains the Enchanter trilogy (along with 30 other Infocom games!).

If you find a place where you can download them for free, you should ask yourself why you're doing it. At 25 pounds for 33 Infocom games, it's a bargain. It's cheap even if you only plan on playing the Enchanter trilogy.

I sincerely hope this will not become one of those copyright threads. Please.

Best regards,

Michael Hall Spring City, Pennsylvania, USA 7 Feb 2002
Yes, I have received my copy of "Masterpieces". It's wonderful. It arrived just when the web said it would (6 days after ordering). I was more than a little hesitant ordering from overseas, but your site had ordering encryption and did not seem like a 'scam' site, so I placed my order. I'm glad I did. Ordering was painless and I thought the prices very reasonable enough for software I really really wanted and could not obtain domestically in the US. I would be overjoyed to place other orders with you in the future. Thanks for the follow up. :)
Ann.C.Mason Essex, UK 5 Feb 2002
Thank you very much for contacting me. Yes I have received my order and am really impressed. I used to play these games in the 70's /80's and so it is like a trip down memory lane. They have lost none of their atmosphere and the puzzles are as good as I remember. A really good investment. Nostalgia rules.........

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