Hollywood Hijinx

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As a child, you spent most of your summers with your Aunt Hildegarde and Uncle Buddy. What memories! Uncle Buddy was a Hollywood big-shot, Aunt Hildegarde his loving (and very rich) wife. They had no children of their own, but you and your cousins loved their house, their parties, the Hollywood memorabilia, and them. Sure, Buddy and Hildy were a bit eccentric -- but that added to their charm.

Aunt Hildegarde kept the house when Uncle Buddy passed away. And now that she's suddenly died, you remember her unusual will. You will inherit the entire estate -- probably worth millions of you can spend just one night in the house and on the grounds, find a treasure or two. But if you can't then you inherit nothing.

And so Hollywood Hijinx begins with you being dropped off in front of a dark house, not to far from Hollywood ...


Title Hollywood Hijinx
Working Title Aunt Hildegarde's Secret
Authors Dave Anderson and Liz Cyr-Jones
Difficulty Standard
Product Codes IA4

Game Statistics

Rooms 67
Words 854
Objects 58
Opcodes 10355

Packaging Details

Hollywood Hijinx used the standard box format which consisted of a grey box with coloured horizontal stripes. It contained "Tinsel World" magazine (vol. 35 no. 27), Aunt Hildegarde's will, a photo of Uncle Buddy (with poem on flip side), and a "Lucky Palm Tree Swizzle Stick" (green plastic).

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