The Lurking Horror

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In The Lurking Horror, you are a student at G.U.E. Tech. You have braved a snowstorm to get to the Computer Center and finish work on an assignment. But the snowstorm has turned into a raging blizzard, and has trapped you in a complex of buildings late at night. You are not alone, fortunately ... or perhaps, unfortunately. Thus you begin the story, unaware that anything may be wrong beneath or within the veneer of the quiet campus.


Title The Lurking Horror
Author Dave Lebling
Difficulty Standard
Product Code IH1

Game Statistics

Rooms 71
Words 773
Objects 44
Opcodes 12398

Packaging Details

The Lurking Horror used the newer standard box format (much the same as the standard "book-like" box but with a slipcase containing a cardboard tray which contained all the package elements). It contained "G.U.E. at a Glance" (G.U.E. Tech guide), a G.U.E. Tech student ID card, and a red rubber centipede (between 2 sheets of clear plastic).

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