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In Moonmist, you are a famous young American detective. An old friend, Tamara Lynd, has written you a litter, asking for your help. And so you have traveled to England to test your detective skills. As the story begins, you meet some interesting guests. But your visit soon turns to mystery, as a trail of riddles and clues leads you to a hidden valuable treasure. But Tamara is worried about a ghost that is tormenting her. What does the ghost want? Is it jealous of her? Does the ghost want the hidden treasure for itself? Or is the ghost a fake -- just someone dressing up to frighten Tamara? If so, why? These mysteries and others are waiting to test your wits in Moonmist.


Title Moonmist
Authors Stu Gally and Jim Lawrence
Difficulty Introductory
Product Code IM5

Game Statistics

Rooms 69
Words 955
Objects 26
Opcodes 15900

Packaging Details

Moonmist came in the standard box format which consisted of a grey box with coloured horizontal stripes. It contained "Legendary Ghosts of Cornwall", "Welcome to Tresyllian Castle" visitor's guide, two letters from Tamara (3 pages), and a MOONMIST iron-on logo.

The release of the Classic Mystery Library included The Witness, Suspect, and Moonmist each in their own standard box. The boxes were contained in a specially designed trilogy slipcase.

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