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Roy Pressley Waynesville, NC, USA 28 Jan 2002
The Infocom games arrived as promised. Response time was excellent. Thank you!
Asi Burak Tel Aviv, Israel 23 Jan 2002
Mike, thank you for the details. A first look tells me there is a problem, since the company name Valis is not on the address. It means that they can't really find me at that address. I am going to check packages waiting for me, but maybe there is something you can do on your side as well.

It was on the nearest post office. I just went and grabbed it. Thanks for all your efforts!
Athena Mizelle Florida, USA 23 Jan 2002
I did get my CD in record time, and am impressed with your service; I've had far longer response times from vendors on my own side of the Atlantic! I also appreciate that you asked for feedback. As Florida Crackers say, "Ya done good".

Thanks again for making it possible to play games that I haven't seen in years.
Bill Tejral Secaucus, NJ, USA 20 Jan 2002
I was amazed at the speed that Masterpieces arrived here.

I am having some trouble getting the Palm conversion to work. Any help page you could refer me to?

Thanks very much
Saadia Ghazali Sutton, UK 13 Jan 2002
The Masterpieces collection actually arrived yesterday morning. Thank you for your excellent service and I hope that you will expand your inventory of hard-to-find games soon.
Deborah Solomon Lawrence, NY, USA 4 Jan 2002
I was leery about ordering internationally but this worked out great! Thank you for the quick shipping, wonderful vintage product & excellent communication. Thanks Mike. Happy New Year! :-)
Donald Carlson Minnesota, USA 22 Dec 2001
I was very pleased with my purchase and the speed of delivery to the United States.
Jason Young Cleveland, Ohio, USA 19 Dec 2001
It was a godsend to find you still offered the CD because you can't find it at all here in the states, unless you want an overpriced copy from eBay. Back in the mid-1980s, when I was still in junior high school, I first got into Infocom games, most memorably Wishbringer, Hollywood Hijinx and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I remember buying them myself for use on my Commodore 128, and (eventually) solving them without any hints or Invisiclues. It's great to have all of Infocom's hits on one CD that works on my iMac; it brings back fond memories, and it's a blast to play all the "new" games I never played when they were first released.
Mark Allen Farnborough, UK 18 Dec 2001
Thanks for the excellent service, the package arrived exactly when you said it would!

Unfortunately it was cruelly snatched from my sweaty little hands by my wife and is now wrapped in pretty paper under the Christmas tree! I'm not sure I can wait another week, do you think you can steam sellotape open?

By the way, big thanks for making this available, before I found your site I was bidding on a copy on Ebay but dropped out after it hit £32. It finally went for around £72 though I didn't see the final figure. So it looks like I got a bargain!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas.
Matthias Hertel Leipzig, Germany 17 Dec 2001
I got my copy more than a week ago and...I love these games. Playing the beginning of Zork, chuckling because I finally understood what one of the zillion in-jokes in Eric the Unready referred to. Finding something totally unexpected like Plundered Hearts among all the dungeon exploration, sci-fi and alternate history stories. Trinity--this one's really a flash from the past. I was eight years old when it came out, and I lived on the other side of the iron curtain. Thinking that nuclear war was not a cliché dystopian computer game scenario then, but a real possibility...creepy.

In short: I don't think I'll need to upgrade my computer for the next few years. This was definitely the best computer game purchase I made this century.

Returning to Eric the Unready: What got me into playing interactive fiction were the "illustrated text adventures" from Bob Bates' post-Infocom company, Legend Entertainment. Apart from Eric, I played Gateway 2 and was totally amazed at how a purely turn-based game without any time limits could induce a sense of urgency and suspense. I hope to find more of that in the Masterpieces, and I'd also love to play more of the early 90s Legend adventures. Unfortunately, the company changed owners a few times and is currently developing Unreal 2. I think this won't exactly be an adventure game. Their web page still lists their old adventure games but not where to get them.

If the time machine you use to import the Infocom games from the past is also able to transfer Legend games, I'd love to hear from you. (I imagine the whole thing works like in Graham Nelson's "Jigsaw": on December 31, 1999, while trying to evade the ubiquitous partying, you found a wooden box that contained a strange device with a dial set to "1999"...)

And if not, well, the Masterpieces will keep me busy for quite some time. Thanks for keeping them around for us late-comers.
Diane Wegman El Dorado Hills, CA, USA 6 Dec 2001
Received them. Very fast shipping. Thanks.
Joe Rizzo Mechanicsburg, PA, USA 26 Nov 2001
Interdata came through nicely. I received a Masterpieces CD in about a week. My order was for Frobozz Magic Floor Wax (and Dessert Topping), but who's complaining? Just kidding. Everything went as planned and I couldn't be more satisfied. Except if they had sent the floor wax.
William Newell County Antrim, N. Ireland 25 Nov 2001
Just to say that your service is great, I had received masterpiece collection the following day after order was sent. Have been a fan of Infocom since their early days and was finding it hard to pick up the Infocom classics any where until I found your company at the Infocom link.

I'm glad to see that there is a company I can trust for buying software and know I am going to receive it at the time you have specified and will certainly be buying from yourselves again.

Please send any updates or software brochures on any products that you sell.
Eugene McGrade West Coniva, California, USA 18 Nov 2001
Fast and friendly. and a real person promptly replied to my email. exceptional service. thank you.
Thomas Bechtold Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 9 Nov 2001
The celerity with which I received my package was amazing, and the product (being Infocom) did not disappoint in the least. Thank you very much for your service!
Jonathan Nickens Vancouver WA, USA 8 Nov 2001
Growing up playing the Zork trilogy on my C64, I truly became addicted to these types of adventure games. Having played a few more over my childhood years (Infidel, Starcross, and the Enchanter trilogy to name a few) I never dreamed of getting the entire collection of these awesome games. I just wanted to thank you, Interdata, for allowing me to purchase that dream (which was truly a small price to pay for a dream).

Now it's on to Leather Goddesses.....

Thank you
Tia Odiam Sherman Oaks, California, USA 5 Nov 2001
What amazing service! I received the Masterpieces Collection faster than some items that I've ordered in the States. So glad these games still exist. Thank You!
Jason White Melbourne, Australia 23 Oct 2001
Thank you for providing prompt and reliable delivery of the Masterpieces of Infocom CD. I have found your service to be well organized and professional. Needless to say, the collection itself is precisely as advertised.

As other customers have noted, this particular product is becoming increasingly rare and difficult to obtain these days. Fortunately however, it is still available, for the moment at least, from a reputable supplier.
David L Getchell Lancaster, PA, USA 22 Oct 2001
Got it from the Post office today. Thanks!
Patrick Sullivan Denver, USA 18 Oct 2001
That was quick.

And I'm so damn happy I found a copy of this. Thanks.
Jason White Melbourne, Australia 16 Oct 2001
The Masterpieces of Infocom CD arrived today. Thank you for arranging such prompt and reliable international delivery of an increasingly rare product.
Mika Latokartano Finland 15 Oct 2001
Thank you for a very quick delivery of Infocom Masterpieces, which is a hard to find collection. I also appreciate receiving your follow-up email making sure my copy had arrived. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I gladly recommend shopping with you to anyone.
Patrick Sullivan Denver, USA 1 Oct 2001
Web site displays fast and is easy to skim.

webmaster: Thank you for the compliment !
Douglas Sutherland Leed, UK 30 Sep 2001
Thanks for making this superb collection available - I had great difficulty finding it at first. The delivery was prompt, and the Winfrotz is a bonus.
Bruce Berls California, USA 24 Sep 2001
"Infocom Masterpieces" is a difficult title to find. It's a pleasure to have found your site, the only place that it seems to be available. You shipped promptly and I got it in the US right away. Thanks for the good service!
Martin Steinkellner Austria 22 Sep 2001
I love the Masterpieces! I played Infocom games years ago on my C64. Now I can enjoy them on my Psion 5Mx whenever I feel like playing them. Thank´s for delivery!
Tom Odle Colorado, USA 21 Sep 2001
Guess what I just found stuck on my refrigerator (is this a Yank habit, or do you cover your fridges with notes over there in the UK, too?) I have a note from the USPS saying they tried to deliver the package today. It matches the reference number, so looks like it made it! Thanks for everything, and especially thanks for re-introducing this software! I can hardly wait to get it!
Jorg Mielke Germany 20 Sep 2001
I asked Activision some weeks ago by email if it is possible to purchase the Masterpieces somewhere. In the meantime I discovered your webpage. Now I already have my copy of the masterpieces and Activision hasn't answered my mail yet!

Thank you again for the great and fast service. It's great fun to replay some of my favourite adventure games (and even some more I never heard of before!) from my early computer days.
A J Germany 28 Aug 2001
Thank you very much for sending me the Masterpieces so fast. It is a pleasure to play these games.
O F Sweden 21 Aug 2001
I am very satisfied with everything! I had most games before, but now my collection is practically complete. The collection of everything
accompanying the games in impressive PDF-files is just perfect. Hopefully you will reprint this collection after it is sold out so others can
continue to enjoy it.

Here is a tip. On the German ftp site there is a big document called infocom-paper.pdf  (warning: 7MB) with the whole story of Infocom. I don't know if it is in the public domain, but if it is it could be included on the CD.

webmaster: Unfortunately the Masterpieces CD is manufactured by Activsion and I am unable therefore to add anything to it.
Dan McAllister Las Vegas, USA 17 Aug 2001
Thank you for your great products and trustworthy service.
Ed Moss California, USA 17 Aug 2001
Game received with pleasure. Thank you for your fast shipping. So glad I found you on the net.
Mark Skory Minnesota, USA 2 Aug 2001
I did indeed receive the Masterpieces disc and I am simply amazed that I received it as rapidly as I did. The internet has made the world a smaller place, and the speed with which you provided me with my product (from another continent) makes it smaller yet. Thank you.
Simon Netherwood Huddersfield, UK 2 Aug 2001
When I was in my early teens, text adventures were my main hobby but I could never afford Infocom on my pocket money. Now I've got your excellent CD of  these classic games at a silly price. Thank you very much.
James Lunsford Indiana, USA 1 Aug 2001
Thanks for offering these games. They are very hard to find (but worth the effort). They take me back to my childhood when I played Zork and Enchanter on our Commodore 64. I guess I've been talking about them a lot. I've already got several co-workers who are bugging me to let them play 'Nord and Bert'.
Wendy Glaze Seattle, WA, USA 1 Aug 2001
Thank you for the fast service - less than a week! I'd given up on playing most of these games years ago when Activision stopped selling the 1st collection disk. Thankfully every once in a while I still searched for the games. You've made a lot of us 'old' gamers happy!
Jason Hlady Calgary, Canada 30 Jul 2001
Unbelievable! I got it within a week, I was amazed! I have wanted to play these games for twenty years (when all my friends had C64, Amigas, and I didn't) and now I can! Thanks!
John Watterson Indiana, USA 28 Jul 2001
Thank you for all you did on getting my order to me. The Masterpiece CD is must have for those who love Interactive Fiction (IF). I would gladly recommend your company to anyone interested in making a purchase. You really stand behind your products and go out of your way to please your customers.
Ted Cain Colorado, USA 23 Jul 2001
Thank you for allowing me to continue a journey that was started when I was ten. A friend of my father had recently purchased Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It, and I quickly became addicted. Unfortunately, the game was destroyed by a magnet, and I have been searching for it ever since. Other than outrageous prices on e-bay, this was the only place I could find the game and I am so grateful! Thanks a lot.
Bobby Griggs Austin, Texas, USA 22 Jul 2001
Thanks for the quick shipment guys! Very fast and professional. But, I  must know who called me at 2:00 am British time to confirm my order (I ordered several copies and you guys wanted to verify)? You guys must never sleep... Anyway, thanks for great service and the games.

webmaster: it was me (Mike) just before my bed time !!!

Clive Moses Pretoria, South Africa 20 Jul 2001
Thanks for sending the CD I ordered so promptly. It arrived yesterday, which for South African mail, is pretty good!
David Keller Santa Ana, California, USA 18 Jul 2001
The Masterpieces CD seems to be extremely good value for the money, Interdata Developments is clearly on the up and up with good customer service and attention to matters concerning the quality of its products, its reputation and secure delivery of shipments which had been one of my concerns about ordering (a receipt is required to be signed at time of delivery which protects both parties from some potential problems). Also, the Masterpieces CD games have not caused any incompatibility problems with Windows Me which had been a major concern of mine before purchasing and installing the CD. For anyone who has a desire to own the Infocom games I recommend purchasing the Masterpieces CD from Interdata Developments before they run out of stock.
Phillip Scuderi Louisiana, USA 7 Jul 2001
I ordered the Masterpieces collection, and it was delivered via standard shipping to Louisiana in less than six days. I couldn't find it in stock
anywhere else, and I checked at least a dozen sites, all of them specializing in classic games. It can be found occasionally on eBay for
outrageous prices. I've seen bids spiralling into the $80 range, and higher. I need say little about the quality of the merchandise; this disc contains hundreds of hours of the best gaming material ever produced.

When Interdata offers any other software, I'll be first in line to order. Thanks!
Craig Sorensen Colorado, USA 29 Jun 2001
Thank you for the extra-quick shipment of the Masterpieces CD. Probably the fastest shipment of anything I've ordered from overseas. Installed just fine, too.
Thomas Yackley Illinois, USA 21 Jun 2001
I just wanted to say that I received the games I ordered quickly and without and problems. Thanks a lot for allowing me to get my hands on these great games,
Kevin Harrelson Palm Bay, Florida, USA 15 Jun 2001
Wonderful company to deal with! A good price for a product that is possibly unavailable anywhere else on the planet.
Peter Jones Colchester, UK 15 Jun 2001
Thanks for your great service, the disk arrived no problems and run fine on my Mac, now I only have to decide which game to start first.

David den Haring

Atlanta, USA 14 Jun 2001
I used to play Infocom adventures when I was a teenager in the early eighties. Now I have the Masterpieces CD and get to play many that I never had for my old Commodore 128.

You guys have very prompt service. My first experience with a British company was definitely a good one.

Michael Gernoth

Germany 11 Jun 2001 
Thanks for these great games. The  order arrived quickly and I am really happy with it. With the interpreter for the Psion 3 on the Extras Disk I can now play these games everywhere :-)

webmaster: It's nice to know that people out there are still using the Psion Series 3, Interdata was originally set up in 1993 / 1994 to supply Infocom games to the Psion Series 3 market !!!

Erik Carlson

Wisconsin, USA 11 Jun 2001 
Fast shipping, and secure packaging. I would definitely order more rare treasures from your company. Thanks again.

Corey Todaro

New York, USA 7 Jun 2001 
Thanks Mike! Received the order right on time and am loving the games. Thanks for offering such a priceless bit of software. I've spent a year looking for these games. I'd definitely order from you again if you happen to find any other treasures.

Ann Goliak

Illinois, USA 7 Jun 2001 
Ordering was easy, delivery was fast. I'm soooooooo happy I found you!

Michael Tod

Australia 6 Jun 2001 
Thanks for your follow-up and how timely it is. I have been away for a few days and upon arriving home today found my copy had arrived safely.

Thanks for such a prompt and speedy delivery service. I had been hesitant to order off the Internet but having scoured all my local games shops and mail order companies to no avail decided to take the risk, after all it was an Infocom collection and I just had to have it ;-)

William Johnson

New Jersey, USA 6 Jun 2001 
Excellent transaction. The masterpieces CD arrived promptly. I'd definitely buy from Interdata again.

Ray Rettger

New Jersey, USA 5 Jun 2001 
I received my order of the Masterpieces of infocom only 8 days after I placed the order. shipped to the USA.

This is what I would call extraordinary service!!!!!! Thank you.

David Beazley

Australia 5 Jun 2001 
Excellent service, even to those of us down-under. Highly recommended. Thanks !

Debra Bridger

Texas, USA 4 Jun 2001 
Great place to get the old Infocom text games. You guys are fast and dependable. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks for the great service!

Markus Weis

Germany 4 Jun 2001 
I have looked around for years to get those Infocom classics. Two months ago I started again to dig the web for this treasure. I am very happy now to have found your website. Many sites offer still offer the Infocom compilations but no one had them in stock anymore .. except you crazy guys. Thanks for the fast delivery ! The next months I will be lost in the world of Infocom adventuring ... see ya there, dudes !

Marc Samela

New York, USA 3 Jun 2001 
I had been looking for the Infocom "Masterpieces" disc for some time when I happened upon your site. I was very pleased that you not only had it in stock but could also ship it within a week. Thanks for the quick service,

Corey Todaro

New York, USA 23 May 2001 
Thanks for processing the order so quickly. I must say that the feedback popup was more than welcome. I was a bit hesitant before ordering. Most web sites offering Infocom games seem a bit shady or outdated. I was reassured that so many customers were pleased and satisfied with their orders. It pleases me that such a great and responsive business is offering such great games.

Thomas A. Hendricks

Illinois, USA 15 May 2001 
My package arrived today...Until I saw your site, I thought I lost my chance...and thanks as well for the copy of Winfrotz.

Matthew De Lucia

New York, USA 6 May 20
Dear Mike

Your excellent customer service is renowned, and I am glad to have experienced it first hand: thank you for the prompt and comprehensive reply.

I do indeed wish to proceed with the cancellation. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. I hold your company's standards in the highest regard and hope to do business with you in the future.

Sean Krauss

New York, USA 3 May 2001 
I received the Masterpieces disc as well as the floppy and docs. Thanks for going the extra mile for me!

Now where's my copy of the book? :-)

Best of luck with your future business ventures.

James Gallagher

USA 31 Mar 2001 
Mike, Thank you for all that you have done for me over ordering the CD that I wanted to buy. Thanks for your time. All the very best to you and yours.

Ron Foley

Connecticut, USA 27 Mar 2001 
Just a quick line to say thanks for the fast delivery of the 'Masterpieces' CD. I've been going crazy for about the last three years trying to find a copy. Well, I'm about to enter 'The Lurking...' and may be gone for some time.

Thanks again (Yippiee)

Ron Foley

Connecticut, USA 25 Mar 2001 
Just got my CD! Thanks for the great service!!!

Ken Russell

Oxford, UK 23 Mar 2001 
Thanks for the quick service in supplying me with the Infocom masterpiece disc. What memories these games bring back!!

Daphne Brinkerhoff

Maine, USA 12 Mar 2001 
Just a note to say the order arrived Saturday, in fine condition. Thank you!

Jim Kelly

Texas, USA 17 Feb 2001 
Thank you Thank you for providing a place to order the Masterpieces of Infocom... this made my day!

Gord Seifert

Canada 2 Feb 2001 
Another Wow! When placing my order I failed to complete my address. Within an hour I received a call for clarification (from England at 21:40 GMT) and was assured it would go out tomorrow. Great service!

Roland Volz

New Jersey, USA 31 Jan 2001 
Searched everywhere for Masterpieces. You guys may be the last ones to have copies (assuming you still do...)

Gaute Hvoslef Kvalnes

Norway 30 Jan 2001 
Wow, and you ship to Norway? ... and I can play most of the games on my Psion? I think I want one of these ;-)

Lisa & Tony Sykes

Vermont, USA 27 Jan 2001 

Just wanted to let you know I received the Masterpieces CD yesterday and am very pleased.

Thanks a bunch!

Doug Perretta

New York, USA 9 Jan 2001 

I received my order yesterday. Thank you very much for your quick response and service.

Christian Fox

California, USA 3 Dec 2000 forum was my last resort to find this item. You will have a secured spot in heaven.

Paul Cooper Long

Maryland, USA 23 Nov 2000 

Thank you so much for the opportunity to order such a hard-to-find and fantastic piece of software.

Stephen Lee

California, USA 7 Nov 2000 

Wow! Thanks for your quick response. (I keep forgetting what time it is on the other side of the pond) :)

Yes, I've seen your website...and, after much (disappointing) searching on the 'net, I was -shocked- that "Masterpieces" still existed in stock somewhere. I have a feeling that your supplies may not be around much longer, once people hear that you still have boxes ready to go.

Andrew Thompson

Massachusetts, USA 6 Nov 2000 

This was such an amazing find for me after a day of internet searching and seeing the same collection on e-bay for outrageous amounts. 

John Bowers

USA 4 Nov 2000 

Please allow me to second that endorsement. I also purchased a copy of Masterpieces and have been quite pleased with the transaction.

Brian O'Neill ()

North Carolina, USA 3 Nov 2000

I bought a copy of Masterpieces from Mike. It came quickly, shrink-wrapped, and a couple bucks less than the price he quoted me - international currency can lead to this. Overall, it was $41 and change - not bad considering what its fetched on ebay...

Peter Zunitch

New York, USA 3 Nov 2000

You guys are life savers for still having these games. Thank You.