Pentari: First Light

Folio Edition 

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Shattered trust,  murdered innocence and dark pacts have plunged the Kingdom of Pentari in chaos.
Rogue wizards have captured the city of Delphin and hold kingdom nobles prisoner. They conspire to overthrow the Kingdom itself but they won't stop there.  You are sent into the turmoil to strive against unknown foes and dangers as you re-take the city and restore order.

First Light is a huge game; You have nearly 300 rooms to explore including a city to be searched, an underground complex to explore, as well as monsters and wizards to contend with.  The friendly folks you'll meet can be a handful too!
Pentari: First Light is multi-faceted; this isn't simply a gather-the-treasures and solve-the-puzzles text adventure.  There are nobles to rescue, murder to avenge, mysteries to be solved and ultimate evil that can only be confronted in the place of their greatest power. You'll experience a wide range of emotions as you make your way in and around Delphin. Some things you'll see will charm you while a few characters may infuriate you.  Not only that, you'll probably be laughing a good deal of the time with much light-hearted humor throughout the game.
Executed in the tradition of Infocom games, Pentari: First Light utilizes the latest development tools to render an immersive experience that delivers Interactive Fiction that reads like a compelling novel but rivets you to the game as you decide what your next move should be.
Game Features at a Glance:
  • Nearly 300 rooms to explore - it could take you weeks to see it all!
  • Powerful, descriptive prose that truly immerses you in the compelling story; many of your emotions will be involved.
  • Extensive research conducted in caves in the United States as well as tunnels and castles in England and France add a new dimension of realism and detail to the game world.
  • Lots of puzzles to complete as well as mysteries you need to solve to achieve your goals.
  • A comprehensive help facility of particular use if you're new to Interactive Fiction.
  • Life-like, animated characters; many of them walk and talk and have their own agendas!
  • A spell casting system that gives you magical powers that are useful as well as entertaining.
  • Twenty treasures described in exquisite detail some of which prove useful during game play.
  • The three orbs of power, once you find them, give you incredible powers in the game world.
  • Other interesting items you'll find along the way may prove very valuable in completing your mission.
  • Veterans of Infocom games will discover a number of exciting new commands and technologies.
  • There's even an Easter egg that fans of old school adventure games will find truly precious!
  • Free hints are always available by emailing -- Your hints are personalized to your situation by the author himself!
  • World-class technical support is available via email or telephone just in case you need it.
  • First Light is so large it may work a bit slowly on some Palm OS devices. Not to worry, we've developed a "PFL Lite" optimized to work on Palms with a Dragonball or 68000 CPU.   Very little was sacrificed in producing this special edition.  Just email us with your proof of purchase and the file pfl-lite.pdb  will be emailed free of charge! (The folio edition includes PFL-Lite on the CD-ROM)

Every Folio Edition of First Light comes with an antique key and official military writ as well as the CD-ROM containing story files (full size and slightly smaller "Palm friendly" versions), instructions and interpreters for Windows (all versions), Windows CE (MIPS and ARM), DOS, Macintosh (OS9.x and OS X), Palm OS, MorphOS, Unix and Linux! If your interpreter is not already included, we will email you any and all interpreters you may need.  Even so, the Folio Edition still makes an excellent collector's item.

Added Bonus: The Pentari Prequel is also included on the CD-ROM and is also available to customers who receive First Light via digital delivery (download).  This smaller game, released in 1997, sets the stage for First Light.  The Pentari Prequel is only available to customers who purchase First Light.