Plundered Hearts

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Plundered Hearts is set in the late 1600s, where you are living the genteel life of a beautiful young Englishwoman. You have received news that your dear father is ailing, and so you are traveling to the West Indies to care for him. As the story opens, the ship you are aboard is attacked by pirates, and you are carried off by the dashing pirate captain! But this does not dissuade you from your determination to find your father. Along the way, you shall encounter danger, adventure ... and more than a touch of romance.


Title Plundered Hearts
Author Amy Briggs
Difficulty Introductory to Standard
Product Code IR1

Game Statistics

Rooms 57
Words 816
Objects 28
Opcodes 13859

Packaging Details

Plundered Hearts used the newer standard box format (much the same as the standard "book-like" box but with a slipcase containing a cardboard tray which contained all the package elements). It contained an "elegant velvet reticule" (blue pouch) containing: a 50 guinea note and a letter from Jean Lafond.

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