This is the solution to the Infocom adventure 'Ballyhoo'.

(c) 1992 Erik Futtrup, Denmark (email: and Twan Lintermans, Holland

s:help midget:w:take mask:s:w:hide behind president:listen to conversation:again:e:e:take pole:n:n:n:drop mask:u:e (6x):take balloon:w (6x):d:d:take all:s:s:w:s:untie balloon:inhale helium:guard, hello [20]:s:w:wear clown mask:knock on door[30]:s:take ash tray:close door:search ash:take scrap:search tray:go under wall [40]:e:n:e:n:ne:search garbage [50]:take ticket:punch out blue dot:sw:s:put ticket in slot:e:ask pitchman about dr nostrum's:s:se:look into cage:take keys with pole [60]:unlock door:open door:n:take bucket:s:nw:n:w:w:s:w:s:e:unlock compartment:open compartment:take whip:n:e:n:put ticket in slot:e:e:e:n:ne:take stool:nw:s:w:w:w:n:n:unlock cage:open cage:w:whip smooth lion:again:again:lift grate:throw meat in passage:e:w:lower grate:search stand [70]:e:s:s:s:w:give case to harry:n:e:put ticket in slot:e:e:s:show case to jenny:give case to jenny [80]:n:n:give ticket to rimshaw:rimshaw, hypnotise me:wait (4x):buy candy from hawker:give money to hawker:stand:e:u:e:d:e:u:e:d:s:stand in line:wait (2x):get out of long line:stand in short line:wait (3x):get out of long line:yes:stand in long line:bite banana:drop banana:n:ask hawker about candy:u:w:d:w:u:w:d:w [90]:stand:s:w:go under wall:search garbage:take bar:s:e:e:n:ne:show bar to tina:tina, hello:shake hands:nw:take radio [100]:s:w:w:s:se:drop all except radio:n:take headphones:s:u:u:set radio to 1170:turn radio off:rewind tape:wait:play tape:wait:wait [until you hear ... clap hands ...]:rewind tape:turn radio on:record:wait (4x):d:d:rewind tape:turn radio off:take all:drop stool and bucket:nw:unlock cage:open cage:w:play tape [110]:search straw:open trap door:take ribbon:e:close cage:se:take bucket:nw:n:w:w:s:w:touch wood with pole:take mousetrap:drop trap:e:wait:w:e:w:catch mouse with bucket [120]:take mouse:e:n:e:put ticket in slot:e:s:show mouse to elephant:again:wait [130]:sw:drop all:u:turn crank:look into wagon:knock on door:in [140]:lock door:search desk:take spreadsheet:move desk:u:read spreadsheet:d:take all:w:ask harry about eddie smaldone:e:ne:se:slide ticket under front [150]:e:[you can play blackjack here, but it's not essential to solve the game]:take ticket:open secret panel:y/n:open secret panel:w:nw:n:w:[walk around until Thumb appears!]:s:ne:se:slide ticket under front:e:look under table:take suitcase:wait:w:drop all:u:u:wait:e:wait:take shaft:pull shaft [160]:d:d:take all except key, whip, stool:nw:n:w:fill bucket with water:s:ne:n:pour water on detective:ask detective about chelsea:drop bucket:take note and card:read note:e:s:u:take all:u:n:w:w:w:s:w:s:e:[Chuckles is here]:show ribbon to chuckles:show scrap to chuckles:show note to chuckles:show spreadsheet:eddie,hello:show card to chuckles [170]:search pocket:take veil:wear veil:wear dress:wear jacket:knock on door:e:close door:take crowbar:move moose:open door:w:w:open door with crowbar:s:take thumb:n:e:e:put thumb in hole:wait:take chelsea [180]:w:n:e:ne:n:w:n:n:clap:roustabout, get net [190]:take off veil:take off jacket:take off dress:drop all:w:take stand:e:drop stand:take radio:climb stand:u:turn radio on:drop radio:d:take pole:climb stand:u:u [to scare Mahler and make him go to the other platform]:take radio:e:e:e:w:w:w:w:drop radio and pole:d:s:s:s:e:call WPDL:w:n:n:n:climb stand:u:take all:e:e:e:e:e:[...left hanging...]:wait (3x).

This gives you 200 points out of (guess how many, yes..) 200!

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