Welcome to the wonderful world of Enchanter! Before we start, a few words about the game: first, it helps to make a map as you go along. You will not be visiting all the locations, and if you make a misstep somewhere, having a map will save you a lot of time and trouble. Second, you will need to have food and water with you most of the time. Make sure you eat and drink when the program warns you that you are hungry and thirsty. Also, keep in mind that, if your water supply runs out, you can always get more, but once the bread is gone, you won't be able to obtain more food. So, don't go too far astray, or you might starve to death! Finally, remember to save the game every once in awhile, especially before doing anything dangerous! Ok, the game begins with your being summoned by Belboz to a council of the Circle of Enchanters. You are told that you must put an end to Krill, a nasty and powerful Wizard, after which, with your trusty spell book, you are sent into the game proper, where you find yourself at a fork in the road. From there, go NE, then North, and you will be in a shack. Get the jug and the lantern, then open the oven door and get the bread. You have food, now you need some water. Go South from the shack, then NE, SE, NE to the Shady Brook. Here you fill your jug with water. Head SW SE to another fork in the road, and from there SW SW to a deserted village. Well, almost deserted. There's one place that seems to be inhabited. You head South, and run into an old crone who hands you a spell scroll, and pushes you back out the door again. This scroll has the REZROV spell. Use the GNUSTO spell to write it into your spell book, then learn the spell. Now, go NE NE, and you're back at the fork. From there, head along East until you come to the outer gate of Krill's castle. REZROV the gate, then continue East to the inside gate. Learn the FROTZ, NITFOL, and REZROV spells. FROTZ the lantern, then go North twice to the tower, and then Up the tower steps to the Jewel Room. There is an egg here, with all manner of little switches and doodads on it. You could actually open the egg by figuring out the proper sequence, but that isn't necessary. REZROV the egg, and it will open, to reveal a shredded scroll. There is no way to avoid this, even if you opened it by hand. Don't worry about that, however. Just get the scroll, and drop the egg. Learn REZROV once more (very handy, that spell!), then go Down to the Tower, and from there due East through the four Mirror Rooms to the North Gate. REZROV the gate. Now move out North through the gate to the Woods. Here you find another spell scroll. This is the KREBF spell, which will repair the shredded scroll. You will only need this spell once, so you don't really have to GNUSTO it. In any case, cast the KREBF spell on the shredded scroll, which will be restored and usable. The spell on this scroll is ZIFMIA. GNUSTO that one, then walk East to the Swamp. NITFOL the frogs, who will tell you how to get the CLEESH spell. GNUSTO that one, too. Now, return to the North Gate, and from there go back West through the Mirror Rooms to the Tower, and then from there due South until you come to the SouthWest Tower. Go East to the South Hall, then South to dungeon. Open the cell door and enter the cell. Examine the walls. Aha! A loose block! Move the block, and you will be able to move East into a secret room. There is another spell scroll here, the EXEX spell. Get the scroll and GNUSTO the spell. You will also find a silver spoon here, but that item is just "window dressing"; it has no useful purpose in the game, you should leave it behind. Now go back West, then South and Up to the South Hall again. Drop everything you have, and go East into the Gallery. In the dark, you will see that one portrait is lit up. Move that, and you will find a black candle and a black scroll. The scroll holds the OZMOO spell. Get these items and return West. Pick up your supplies (you won't need the lantern if you take the candle), then GNUSTO the OZMOO spell. About now, you're probably feeling a bit tired. Go West to the Tower, and Up the stairs. Well, look at that! A comfy featherbed. Get into bed and drift off to sleep.


While you sleep, you have a dream. The dream is an indication of the location of another scroll. When morning comes, get up, then examine the bedpost. Aha! A hidden switch! Press it, and a compartment will open up, revealing the VAXUM spell. Get that scroll and GNUSTO the spell. It will soon be time for you to get yourself killed (among other things), so learn the OZMOO, NITFOL, and EXEX spells. Go down the stairs, the head East until you come to the South Gate. Go South from there to the meadow, then SE to the Shore. Here you will see a giant turtle with a rainbow-colored shell. Cast NITFOL on the turtle, then tell him to follow you. Return to the South Gate and go East from there to the base of the SouthEast Tower. Go up the stairs, and you will be in the Engine Room, which is full of all sorts of dangerous and incomprehensible machinery. Cast EXEX spell on the turtle, then tell him to go SE and get the scroll. The speed spell will make him fast enough to dodge safely through that room into the Control Room, where the Kulcad spell scroll is. On his way back, he'll set off a trap, but his heavy shell will protect him. You couldn't have managed it, because you have no protection from the sharp spears. The turtle will give you the scroll, then return to the beach. The Kulcad spell is too powerful for you to GNUSTO, so you'll have to just hold on to the scroll until you need it. And now, it's time for you to die. Go down the stairs, then West to the Hall and North to the Closet. Pick up the Jeweled Box and continue North to the Courtyard. Don't bother trying REZROV on the Box; even that spell isn't powerful enough to open it. Just go East to the front of the temple, drop everything you have, then go East once more. You will be captured and put in a cell to await a sacrificial ceremony, at which you will be the guest of honor. Now, OZMOO yourself, and Wait. The creatures will soon come for you, and you will be offered up on an altar and a knife plunged into your heart. Because of the OZMOO spell, you won't really be dead. However, you now have the means of opening the Jeweled Box. Once you are on your feet again, step down from the altar, amd go East back to the courtyard. Cut the rope, then open the box and get the MELBOR scroll. Pick up the rest of your possesions, and GNUSTO the MELBOR spell. Now, learn MELBOR, VAXUM and ZIFMIA, then head West, West to the Inside Gate, and from there to the Mirror Rooms. Here you must wait until you see the Adventurer on the other side of the mirror. At that point, ZIFMIA Adventurer, and he will appear before you, a little bit upset. Since you have a move to spare here, MELBOR yourself, then VAXUM the Adventurer, who will now be very friendly towards you. He will also be looking at your inventory with covetous eyes. As soon as he's been VAXUM'd, head directly East until you come to the Guarded Room. Don't worry, your new friend will follow you along. Once at the door (and you should carefully read the description of it; it's really amusing), tell the Adventurer to open it. He will do so, and the illusions of monsters will disappear, revealing only a plain wooden door. Go North through the door into the Map Room. Here is one of those variable things in the game. There are several objects in this room, two of which, the map and the pencil, are crucial to your success. Sometimes, the Adventurer will pick up one or both of these items. You must get them back from him before he leaves, or you may never catch up to him again, in which case the game is lost. If the Adventurer picks up something you need, tell him to give it to you, and he will. In any case, you should drop the dagger now because you don't need it anymore. You also won't need the purple scroll with the FILFRE spell. Make sure you have the map and the pencil, then go back to the North Gate, and from there South to the Library. Examine the ashes on the floor, then the tracks in the ashes. These will lead you to a mouse hole in the wall. Reach inside, and you will find the scroll with the GONDAR spell. GNUSTO that one. While you're poking about here, you might hear guttural voices coming towards you. Don't worry; the MELBOR spell will keep you protected from any of the hairy creatures that might enter the room.


There is also a dusty old book here that you might want to read, as it will help you to understand what you're doing next. From the Library, return to the South Hall, then go down into the dungeon, and down once more to the first Translucent Room. You will probably be tired now, so just go to sleep right where you are; nothing will hurt you. You only had to sleep in the bed to have the dream to find the VAXUM spell. When you wake up, eat and drink if necessary, then drop your spell book and the jug. Look at the map, and you will see some lettered points connected by lines. This is a magic map of the area where you are now. If you connect two adjacent points with the pencil, an opening will actually appear between those two rooms. Likewise, if you erase a line between two points, then you close off the opening between the two rooms. However, you can only use the eraser twice and the point twice before each becomes useless. Now that you know what you have, let's put it to some good use. You are standing at the moment at point B on the map. From there, move South, East, NE, SE, and you will be at point F. The point all by itself, P, is where the Unseen Terror currently resides, and you are about to free it. Draw a line from P to F. You will see the opening appear in the wall before your eyes, and then a very scared Belboz will appear briefly with a warning. Now, move SW twice (the first time you won't get anywhere) and you will be at point P, where the GUNCHO spell is. Now, erase the line from B to R, which will keep the Terror from escaping. Also erase the line from M to V, which traps him in the rooms again. Pick up the GUNCHO scroll, and make your way to point J. Draw a line from J to B, then walk West to B and get your spell book. Learn the CLEESH, GONDAR, and MELBOR spells. The GUNCHO spell is too strong to be written in your book, so you'll have to carry the scroll with you. Now, go Up twice to the South Hall. MELBOR yourself, then go West to the South Gate, and from there due North to the Junction. At that point, head East twice to the Winding Stairs. This is another powerful illusion; no matter how much you walk up or down, you will never get anywhere. KULCAD the stairs, and they will disappear, leaving you over a Bottomless Pit! Fortunately, the banister turned into a vellum scroll containing the IZYUK spell. IZYUK yourself, and fly East into (ta-da!) The Warlock's Tower! Here, at last, you come face-to-face with Krill himself. However, before you can take care of him, you will have to get rid of a couple of his friends. When the dragon attacks, GONDAR the dragon, and when the being attacks, CLEESH him. Now, you're ready for the main event. As Krill begins his chant, GUNCHO him. He is banished forever from this plane of existence, and you have become a member of the Circle Of Enchanters!! Of course, this is just the beginning; there will be other tasks awaiting you in the future......

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