(You begin in a computer room) S, W, OPEN FRIDGE, GET COKE AND CARTON, OPEN CARTON, OPEN OVEN, PUT CARTON IN OVEN, CLOSE OVEN, PRESS 4, PRESS 0, PRESS 5 (the machine is now set for 4:05 minutes), PRESS MED (and medium heat), PRESS START, Z, Z, Z, Z (the food is ready), OPEN OVEN, GET CARTON, E, N, GIVE CARTON TO HACKER, ASK HACKER ABOUT KEYS (he shows you the Master Key), ASK HACKER FOR MASTER KEY (you receive it because of the food), SIT DOWN, TURN ON PC, LOGIN ---, PASSWORD ---, CLICK ON EDIT, CLICK ON PAPER, READ PAGE, CLICK ON MORE, AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN (you faint and arrive at 'Place'), D, Z (you are pushed forward), GET STONE, Z, Z (you wake up again), STAND UP, Z, Z, Z (the hacker fixes your program).

S, PRESS DOWN BUTTON (the elevator moves), Z, Z, S, OPEN PANEL, GET FLASHLIGHT, OPEN DOOR, N, D, D, E, GET GLOVES AND CROWBAR, WEAR GLOVES, U, LIGHT FLASHLIGHT, GET FLASK, D, TURN OFF FLASHLIGHT, W, W, W, U, S, GET CONTAINER, E, Z, Z, Z (the man drives eastwards - you may move on), E, U, CLIMB ROPE (using the gloves), LOWER LADDER, OPEN DOOR, OUT, U, REMOVE PLUG (you find a piece of paper - a suicide note), DROP PLUG, GET PAPER, D, IN, D, D, E (if the man is here, wait till he leaves), SMASH CABINET, GET AXE, W, THROW AXE AT CORD (the vehicle stops and the man approaches you), OPEN CONTAINER, POUR WAX ON FLOOR (he slides in the wax), DROP CONTAINER AND ASSIGNMENT, GET AXE, E, E, N, D, SE, GET BOOTS, WEAR THEM, U, U, UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY, OPEN DOOR, OUT, U (a winged creature smashes into the dome), D, THROW STONE AT CREATURE (it follows the stone), U, EXAMINE TREE, DIG IN TUB (you uncover a hand - but it won't scare the urchin until it's alive!), GET HAND, D, IN, D, S, GET STONE, N, D, NW, U, S, W, W, W, W, N, D, E, GET IN FORKLIFT, START IT, E, E, E, LIGHT FLASHLIGHT, REMOVE JUNK WITH FORKLIFT, AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN (you have now cleared a passage onwards), E, GET OUT OF FORKLIFT, OPEN MANHOLE WITH CROWBAR.

D, N, D, GET KNIFE, U, S, U, W, W, TURN OFF FLASHLIGHT, W, W, W, U, S, E, E, E, E, S, KNOCK ON DOOR, Z (a professor opens the door and leads you inside), GIVE PAPER TO PROFESSOR, S (he places you inside a pentagram - watch your timing now!), Z, Z, CUT LINE WITH KNIFE, GET OUT OF PENTAGRAM, MOVE BENCH (you find a trapdoor), OPEN TRAPDOOR, D, OPEN TRAPDOOR, LIGHT FLASHLIGHT, U, PUT HAND IN LIQUID, Z, Z (the hand is now alive), GET HAND, GET HYRAX, PUT IT ON HAND (this will help you later on), DRINK COKE (if you are tired - which you should be ny now), N, OPEN DOOR, N, TURN OFF FLASHLIGHT, N, W, W, W, W, N (around here you should meet the urchin - you may have to walk around a little first), SHOW HAND (the live one) TO URCHIN (he drops the bolt cutter and runs), GET CUTTER, D, D, DROP CUTTER; FLASK AND AXE, NW, UNLOCK PADLOCK WITH KEY, GET PADLOCK, OPEN HATCH, LIGHT FLASHLIGHT, D, E, TURN VALVE WITH CROWBAR, Z, Z, Z (you are attacked by rats), TURN VALVE (the rats flee), CLOSE VALVE, E, E, REMOVE BRICK WITH CROWBAR, REMOVE NEW BRICK WITH CROWBAR (you find a rod in the wall), W, W, W, U, TURN OFF FLASHLIGHT, DROP KNIFE AND CROWBAR, SE, GET ALL, U, E, E, U, PRESS DOWN, D, Z, Z (the elevator stops), WEDGE DOORS WITH AXE, D, GET CHAIN, TIE CHAIN TO ROD, LOCK IT WITH PADLOCK, U, PUT CHAIN ON HOOK, GET AXE, U, U, PRESS UP BUTTON, D, D, Z, Z, Z (the chain fastened to the hook and rod tears a large hole in the wall as the elevator goes up), WEDGE DOORS WITH AXE, D, GET AXE, LIGHT FLASHLIGHT.

N, W, W, W, W, W, D, D, CUT GROWTH WITH CUTTER (the urchins leave you alone), D (the hand WITH the hyrax shows you the way), N, D, S, S, D, OPEN FLASK, LOOK IN IT (it contains a cold liquid), POUR LIQUID ON SLIME (the slime vanishes, and a door appears), UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY, OPEN DOOR, S, REACH INTO POOL (the hand shows you where. You find a electrical line), PULL LINE, CUT LINE WITH AXE, AGAIN, AGAIN, GET LINE, OPEN METAL COVER, UNPLUG COAXIAL CABLE, PUT LINE IN SOCKET (this produces a short circuit. A moment later you stand face to face with The Lurking Horror), Z (the stone turns red hot), THROW STONE AT THING (it absorbs the creature), GET STONE (you have now solved The Lurking Horror!)

Jacob Gunness - d. 27/8-1990.

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