Suspect (Infocom adventure).

(c) 1992 Erik Futtrup, Denmark (email: and Twan Lintermans, Holland

The commands are separated by a '-' sign and [] include comment and tips to understand the solution better! Let's start:

[this is just one way to solve the adventure, which doesn't mean that this is the only or best way to solve it; once you've solved it, try asking different questions to the various persons just for fun]-w-examine veronica-w-w-s-s-s-s-w-w-s-w-look through window-open curtains-look through window-examine window seat-open seat-look into seat-e-[the doorbell just rung, so..]-open front door-examine weather-[The rain has slacked off, it's just a drizzle now]-n-e-e-n-w-examine wet overcoat-e-e-[now we will ask some questions; they add to the comprehension of the story, but are insignificant to the solution itself]-ask ostmann about himself-ask about michael-[once you've started a conversation with someone, you don't have to repeat his name every time]-ask about bill-ask about veronica-ask about marston-ask about asher-e-e-ask michael about veronica-ask about ostmann-ask about himself-ask about marston-ask about alicia-ask about richard-ask about linda-ask about asher-ask marston about himself-ask about veronica-listen [there is a discussion about horse sales; 9:48 pm]-listen-listen-listen-w-w-w-s-s-s-w-w-n-[this is a short-cut to get to the office before michael does!]-n-examine basket-take business card-take manila folder-ask bill about murder-show business card to bill-n-w-open tool chest-take crowbar-hide behind bmw-wait for michael-[10:12 pm]-look-stand-ask michael about murder-e-sw-examine veronica-look under veronica-take object-examine veronica's hair-s-s-e-e-hide behind chair-read manila folder-wait for marston-wait for michael-stand-unlock e door-n-n-n-e-e-take paper-examine paper-read paper-look-e-show manila folder to ostmann-w-w-w-s-s-s-w-w-n-n-n-w-open bmw's trunk with crowbar-drop crowbar-take trust folder-read trust folder-read documents-inventory-e-sw-s-e-n-e-[try to find the detective now; it's also interesting to 'show trust folder to marston'; once you have found the detective, go on...]-show paper to detective-show trust folder to detective-show manila folder to detective-show business card to detective-w-s-w-n-[you should be in the office now!]-take fairy mask-look into fairy mask-examine dark hair-[remember veronica's hair!]-s-s-e-e-n-n-n-w-take wet overcoat-e-n-n-n-n-e-take basket-s-s-s-w-[go to the detective again]-detective, fingerprint glass-give dark hair to detective-show wet overcoat to detective-tell detective about weather-e-examine alicia's hair-ask alicia about car-w-look-wait for duffy [type 'y' until he arrives!]-detective, arrest michael and alicia [this concludes the adventure, but doesn't mean that this is all: try asking different questions to the various characters, it's really fun!!].

List of characters: veronica ashcroft [fairy queen; owns the farm]-jack johnson [bartender and law school student]-samuel ostmann [vampire; businessman]-michael wellman [sheik; married to veronica]-bill cochrane [astronaut; businessman, hates ostmann and drinks too much]-smythe [gorilla suit; loyal butler of the family]-linda meade [prima ballerina; girlfriend of richard]-senator asher [harlequin]-colonel marston [african explorer; controls family trust]-alicia [old schoolfriend of veronica and of the reporter]-richard [werewolf; brother of veronica]-reporter [cowboy suit; this is the part you play in the adventure; when the story starts, you've left your lariat in the coat closet!]

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