"Suspended" is an excellent game and possibly the most advanced game to date for the adventurer. The story is quite simple: You are the failsafe device to protect the surface world of Contra should any emergency develop that would cause the planet control devices to fail (these are underground in a complex where you live suspended in a cryogenic tube, awaiting a disaster). Of course, a disaster develops as soon as you boot up the disk. You are awakened to find that there has been an earthquake that has damaged the cables in the Primary and Secondary Channels. You have six different robots at your command. These robots all enjoy different skills and abilities. Each one represents a different sense. Iris: The sense of sight Waldo: The sense of touch and dexterity Sensa: Perceives things magnetic and electronic Poet: Perceives things electronic and can diagnose electrical flows Whiz: Commands the computer and can do errands Auda: The sense of hearing The trick to winning "Suspended" is assigning the right task to the right robot. Also, the right robot has to be at the right place at the right time. This is called critical path planning, and is the secret of "Suspended." In the standard game, there are a few real-time events to be aware of: 1) At the 15th cycle, there is another earthquake which causes an acid spill that kills, in short order, any robot that thereafter passes through the Cavernous Room (until the acid is shut off); 2) At the 75th cycle, there is another quake which wrecks the hydroponics and transit equipment on the surface above. These have to be fixed quickly or the game ends swiftly due to the starving populous above; 3) At the 100th cycle, humans enter the complex with the intent of turning you off because, by this time, you are clearly screwing up the assignment. These humans can be the death of you or they can help you by...well, I won't tell you yet. The following commands get you through the game in less than 70 moves. As a result, they give little aid in the event that you finish the game in more than that time. The game changes considerably after the 75th move. There are many problems that surface after that time, and these clues do nothing to help you. Let's get started! #1 POET,GO TO WEATHER CONTROL #2 SENSA,GO TO SUB SUPPLY ROOM #3 WHIZ,GO TO SECONDARY CHANNEL #4 SENSA,TAKE RAMP #5 SENSA,GO WEST #6 SENSA,TAKE CONTAINER AND GRASPER #7 SENSA,GO TO HALLWAY JUNCTION #8 WALDO,GO TO HALLWAY JUNCTION #9 AUDA,GO TO GAMMA REPAIR The above moves set the game up. Poet is needed to turn the weather control off; this minimizes deaths at the surface (your primary goal). Sensa gets the ramp that is needed to allow the robots to go from one level to another. Auda is sent to the Gamma Repair area because she will be needed later and, without the humans coming for a while, there is nothing that can be done with her anyway. Waldo is sent to the Hallway Junction to meet Sensa and take the container and grasper on his way to fixing Iris who is reported to be out of order.


Now, enter your second set of commands: #10 POET,TURN SECOND DIAL TO 100 #11 POET,GO TO HALLWAY END #12 IRIS,GO TO MAIN SUPPLY ROOM #13 SENSA,PUT RAMP AT DROPOFF #14 AUDA, LISTEN #15 WALDO,TAKE CONTAINER AND GRASPER #16 WALDO,GO TO MAIN SUPPLY #17 WALDO,INSTALL GRASPER #18 WALDO,TAKE RED IC AND YELLOW IC #19 SENSA,GO NORTH #20 SENSA,TAKE RAMP Once Poet got to the Weather Control, he had to reset the faulty control to 100. This is only a temporary fix because if you let the game go on too long, all hell will break loose with various disasters and accidents occurring which you will not be able to control. Poet is then sent to the Hallway End where he will be used to get the TV camera needed later. Iris is sent to the Main Supply Room where she can be fixed when Waldo arrives. She will also help Waldo repair the machine there. Sensa, upon arriving, puts the ramp in place so that Auda can get to Gamma Repair and so that she and Poet can get to the other level. Waldo is handed the grasper and container which he installs. This is done now to save moves later. #21 SENSA,GO TO SMALL SUPPLY #22 WALDO,OPEN PANEL #23 WALDO,REPLACE ROUGH DEVICE WITH ROUGH OBJECT #24 WALDO,CLOSE PANEL #25 POET,GET IN CAR #26 POET,GET OUT OF CAR #27 POET,GO TO BIOLOGY LAB #28 WALDO,TAKE BURNED AND FRIED CHIP #29 POET,TAKE CAMERA #30 SENSA,PUT RAMP AT HOLDER This stage sets the robots to their major gathering tasks. Waldo has fixed Iris, and is now set on fixing the machine and salvaging its parts. Poet has arrived at the Hallway End, gotten in the car, exited the car, and is now getting the camera. Sensa has arrived at the Small Supply Room to take the cable cutter. #31 SENSA,GET ON RAMP #32 SENSA,TAKE CUTTER #33 SENSA,GET OFF RAMP #34 SENSA,TAKE RAMP #35 SENSA,GO TO SLOPING CORRIDOR #36 POET,GO TO VEHICLE DEBARKATION #37 WALDO,PUT RED IC IN RED SOCKET #38 WALDO,PUT YELLOW IC IN YELLOW SOCKET #39 POET,GET IN CAR #40 POET,GET OUT OF CAR Sensa has completed her task of getting the metal tool that she will need shortly. Poet has gotten the camera and is now coming back, and Waldo is in the midst of fixing and salvaging the machine with Iris in the Main Supply Room.


You're more than half-way to your goal! Now, enter: #41 POET,GO TO PRIMARY CHANNEL #42 SENSA,PUT RAMP AT DROPOFF #43 GO TO GAMMA REPAIR #44 WALDO,PUSH BUTTON #45 IRIS,TAKE FUSE #46 WALDO,TAKE CABLE #47 WALDO,GO TO THE SECONDARY CHANNEL #48 IRIS,GO TO MIDDLE SUPPLY #49 IRIS,TAKE CABLE #50 IRIS,GO TO MAIN SUPPLY Poet has been sent to use the camera in the Primary Channel (this is a Kamikaze mission because he has to pass through the Cavernous Room to get there). Sensa has gotten to the Sloping Corridor and reinstalled the ramp so that she and Poet can get to the lower level. Waldo and Iris have gotten the machine fixed and salvaged one of the two needed cables to set the FCS in balance. Waldo is now set on his mission where Whiz will be waiting to install the cable needed in the Secondary Channel. #51 SENSA,EXAMINE OBJECT #52 SENSA,TURN FLOWSWITCH #53 BOTH SENSA AND AUDA,MOVE FRED #54 SENSA,CUT CABLE WITH CUTTER #55 POET,PLUG TV1 IN #56 POET,AIM TV1 AT SIGN (This is the important "Reset Code." Write it down! It's different for every game.) #57 SENSA,TAKE CABLE #58 SENSA,GO TO PRIMARY CHANNEL #59 IRIS,PUT CABLE IN MACHINE #60 IRIS,PUT FUSE IN MACHINE Sensa and Auda salvaged the remaining needed cable to fix the cable in the Primary Channel. Sensa is now on her way. Poet valiantly died trying to work the camera in the Primary Channel after having had corrosive acid spilled on him. Iris has fixed the reset machine which is now only awaiting the installation of the cables in the FCS to reset the systems to set the surface world above right. #61 WHIZ,GO TO WALDO #62 WHIZ,TAKE FOURTEEN-INCH CABLE #63 WHIZ,REPLACE THE NINE-INCH CABLE WITH THE FOURTEEN-INCH CABLE #64 WHIZ,DRAG WALDO TO THE EAST END #65 AUDA,GO TO SLEEP CHAMBER #66 SENSA,REPLACE FOUR-INCH CABLE WITH TWELVE-INCH CABLE #67 IRIS,PRESS ----- CIRCLE #68 IRIS,PRESS ----- CIRCLE At this point, the game is over. Only 8,000 are dead and you have succeeded in your mission. It should be noted that this does not answer all the questions and puzzles that are presented in the game, it just tells you how to win the game in the shortest order. Enjoy!

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