(You begin on a hill outside the mail office) S, WAIT (Mr. Crisp gives you an envelope for the 'Magick Shoppe'), GET ENVELOPE, N, W, W, YES, N, W (the grave-digger leaves), E, D, GET BONE, U, S, E, E, E, GIVE BONE TO POODLE, N, WAIT (Miss Voss asks you to give Crisp a letter), GET NOTE, N, LOOK IN FOUNTAIN, GET COIN, N, N, N, N, E, U, W, N, U, E, S, U, OPEN DOOR, IN, WAIT, WAIT (an old lady enters), GIVE ENVELOPE TO WOMAN (she asks you to read it for her), OPEN ENVELOPE, READ LETTER TO WOMAN, WAIT (she offers you a can), GET CAN, WAIT, WAIT (she asks you to find her cat and then escorts you out. Everything outside has become a nightmare), D, N, W, D, S, E, D, BREAK BRANCH, GET IT, W, OPEN CAN (the snake inside scares the troll away), GET CAN, SQUEEZE IT, DROP CAN, GET WISHBRINGER, OPEN GATE, S, S, W, S, LOOK IN PIT (a platypus tries to climb out), PUT BRANCH IN PIT, GET BRANCH (the creature draws an "X" in the sand), DROP BRANCH, DIG IN SAND (you uncover a whistle), GET WHISTLE, BLOW IT (you float to the island), W (the platypus' father is the king), WAIT (he offers you a hat), GET HAT, WAIT, BLOW WHISTLE (back again), S, YES, E, D (the ghosts can't catch you here), N, E, PUSH BUNK, DROP ALL, U (into the cell), GET BLANKET, D, GET ALL, N, E, PUT BLANKET ON GRUE (which keeps on sleeping), OPEN FRIDGE, GET WORM, W, W, OPEN STUMP, U, N, E, E, S (you see the white house from "Zork I" and the mailbox), OPEN MAILBOX, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, N (the mailbox follows you), E, GIVE HAT TO PELICAN (you hear a magic word), W, W, S, S, LOOK IN FOUNTAIN, PUT WORM IN FOUNTAIN (the piranha eats it), GET TOKEN, E, BUY TICKET, IN, SHOW TICKET TO GRAVEDIGGER, N (they're showing a 3D-movie), EXAMINE FLOOR (how convenient! 3D-glasses!), GET GLASSES, OUT, YES, E, WAIT, WAIT (the mailboxes are fighting), S, PUT TOKEN IN SLOT, PUSH JOYSTICK WEST, AGAIN, PUSH IT SOUTH, AGAIN, PRESS BUTTON, YES, YES (you fly to 'Hilltop'), SAY (the magic word. The drawbridge is lowered), S (princess Tasmania is chained to the floor), WAIT (Mr. Crisp takes you to the torture chamber), GIVE NOTE TO MR CRISP (he exits), GET COAT, LOOK IN COAT, GET KEY, UNLOCK CHAIN WITH KEY, PULL LEVER (Tasmania is free), GET NOTE, READ IT, OPEN HATCH, U, U, WEAR GLASSES (you're in the lab from the film), GET BROOM, EXAMINE PANEL, PUSH SECOND SWITCH, D, REMOVE GLASSES, PUSH PAINTING (the controlling system for the bridge was hidden behind this), TURN CRANK, N, N, E, ALEXIS;HEEL (the dog lets you pass), OPEN DOOR, IN, GET STEEL KEY, OUT, N, UNLOCK DOOR WITH STEEL KEY, IN, WAIT (the door slams shut), S, SMASH CASE WITH BROOM, EXAMINE SCULPTURE (it has a hole in its forehead), INSERT WISHBRINGER IN SCULPTURE (the old lady enters, asking you not to. She is actually the old lady's evil sister, so ignore her!), YES, YES (you are at 'Magick Shoppe' with Chaos the cat), KNOCK ON DOOR (the old woman comes out and congratulates you. The game is completed!)

Jacob Gunness - d.25/3-1990

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