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You're neither an adventurer nor a professional trill-seeker. You're simply an American tourist in London, enjoying a relaxing stroll through the famous Kensington Gardens. When World War III starts and the city is vaporized moments after the story begins, you have no hope of survival. Unless you enter another time, another place, another dimension. Escaping the destruction of London is not the end of your problems, but rather the beginning of new, more bizarre riddles. You'll find yourself in an exotic world teeming with giant fly traps, strange creatures, and other inconveniences. Time and space will behave with their own intricate and mischievous logic. You'll visit fantastic places and acquire curious objects as you seek to discover the logic behind your newfound universe. And if you can figure out the patter of events, you'll wind up in the New Mexico desert, minutes before the culmination of the greatest scientific experiment of all time: the world's first atomic explosion, code-named Trinity.


Title Trinity
Author Brian Moriarty
Difficulty Standard
Product Code IZ7

Game Statistics

Rooms 134
Words 2120
Objects 49
Opcodes 31389

Packaging Details

Trinity used the standard box format which consisted of a grey box with coloured horizontal stripes. It contained a comic "The Illustrated History of the Atom Bomb", a map of the Trinity site, a cardboard DIY sundial, and instructions for folding an origami crane.

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