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In Wishbringer, you're a postal clerk in a small seaside village called Festeron. You deliver a strange envelope to a magic shop, and discover that an old woman's black cat has been kidnapped by "the Evil One." The old woman asks for your help, and when you leave the magic shop, you find yourself trapped in a nightmare world. Your once-quit town is now full of goons, trolls, vultures, fortress-like towers, and assorted wickedness. You become entangled in the struggle between Good and Evil; extraordinary help is found only in unusual places. Everyone seeks to possess a magic stone of dreams known as Wishbringer; but only you can find it and use its powers to make your town safe again. And you only have a few hours!


Title Wishbringer: The Magick Stone of Dreams
Author Brian Moriarty
Difficulty Introductory
Product Code IZ0

Game Statistics

Rooms 52
Words 1043
Objects 35
Opcodes 16223

Packaging Details

Wishbringer used the standard box format which consisted of a grey box with coloured horizontal stripes. It contained "The Legend of Wishbringer", Wishbringer (glow-in-the-dark stone), postal map of Festeron and Antharia, and a sealed envelope (containing a letter).

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