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New - Pentari: First Light

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"Pentari: First Light is a game that will appeal both to the hard-core IF player as well as the casual adventurer and constitutes a must-play for those spellbound to fantasy."- Justadventure.Com

Shattered trust,  murdered innocence and dark pacts have plunged the Kingdom of Pentari in chaos.
Rogue wizards have captured the city of Delphin and hold kingdom nobles prisoner. They conspire to overthrow the Kingdom itself but they won't stop there.  You are sent into the turmoil to strive against unknown foes and dangers as you re-take the city and restore order.

First Light is a huge game; You have nearly 300 rooms to explore including a city to be searched, an underground complex to explore, as well as monsters and wizards to contend with.  The friendly folks you'll meet can be a handful too!
Pentari: First Light is multi-faceted; this isn't simply a gather-the-treasures and solve-the-puzzles text adventure.  There are nobles to rescue, murder to avenge and ultimate evil that can only be confronted in the place of their greatest power. You'll experience a wide range of emotion as you make your way in and around Delphin. Some things you'll see will charm you while a few characters may infuriate you.  Not only that, you'll probably be laughing a good deal of the time also!
Executed in the traditions of Infocom, Pentari: First Light utilizes the latest development tools to render an immersive experience that delivers Interactive Fiction that reads like a compelling novel but rivets you to the game as you decide what your next move should be.



Pentari: First Light


Pentari: First Light

Folio Edition 

14.95 plus p. & p.


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Masterpieces Boxed

The Masterpieces CD. Suitable for use with PC or Mackintosh, this CD includes copies of the manuals, maps and other items in pdf format. You can obtain the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat reader at

The Infocom Documentation Project (under construction) may also be well worth a visit.

A compendium of 33 classics. The only collection to include the Leather Goddesses of Phobos


Jewel Cased CD

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Masterpieces Jewel Cased CD

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