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Spurred by stinginess and your natural curiosity, you stick around after the show in the big top, hoping to catch a free after-hours performance. Perhaps you'll get a peek at an imprompu clown act, or watch the late-night feedings of the exotic animals you goggled at earlier. But life at the circus isn't glamourous after the audience has gone home: instead of flashy feats, you overhear a mysterious conversation: a little girl -- the circus owner's daughter -- has been kidnapped! Her father is too naive (or he is too pompouly stupid?) to do more than hire an inept detective to find her. He remains blindly loyal to his overworked performers, but ... could it be an inside job? The girl might be hidden somewhere on the circus grounds ... and one of the performers might be her abductor! So you do what anyone would in these circumstances: set out to rescue the damsel in distress. The odds aren't in your favor: you -- a spectator, a bystander, an outsider in a defensive close-knit community -- trying to find a girl you've never met, in a place you know nothing about, among bizarre people who want nothing to do with you. Some would call you brace. Some would call you foolish. Every circus has its seedy underside. but few are as dangerous as this.


Title Ballyhoo
Author Jeff O'Neill
Difficulty Standard
Product Code IM4

Game Statistics

Rooms 36
Words 962
Objects 42
Opcodes 15132

Packaging Details

Ballyhoo used the standard box format which consisted of a grey box with coloured horizontal stripes. It contained "The Traveling Circus That Time Forgot, Inc." souvenir program, "Dr. Nostrum's Extract" trade card, a blue balloon (sometimes also in orange or black), and a circus ticket (August, 21) with punch-out holes.

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